lunes, 11 de marzo de 2013


3D Porcelain Wallpapers by Daniel Pirsc Add Unique Texture To Interiors.

Daniel Pirsc of the Czech Studio PIRSC Porcelain offers a unique vision for interior wallpaper. 3D porcelain components that adhere to the wall add texture, art, design and color to receptions, public spaces and any indoor walls.

above image composited by If It's Hip, It's Here.

Available in white biqsue, glazed in platinum, gold, white and new black glaze or iridescent pearl, the 3D wallpapers are a flexible solution for any space, easy to install and can be affixed to glass as well as concrete, plaster or drywall.

Birds (in white glaze):

Cross (in white glaze):

Drops (in white glaze):

Rain (in platinum glaze):

Airplane (in white and black glazes):

Rose (in white glaze):

Oval (in white glaze):

You can purchase the above 3D wallpapers in their online eshop here.

Newest Additions
Their newest additions to their 3D wallpaper introduce new surface treatment options: black glaze and iridescent pearl.

Abalone (In Pearl glaze):

Bubbles (in Pearl glaze):

Batmobile (in Black glaze):


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